Tiger Gin, a privilege.

So my cute little sample of Tiger Gin arrived on Saturday morning.

Not ideal in the sense that I had errands to run and an adult life to (attempt to) continue. Because quite frankly, since the attractive little number arrived, I thought about nothing else.

So, eventually it became a reasonably acceptable time to crack the devil open.

The gin was fragrant and strong. A cheeky swig straight from the bottle (classy) offered a spicy yet sweet taste.

It’s smooth, just gliding down the throat. A good first impression, I thought it’d be wise to add a little tonic.

A classic G&T. The strong sense of juniper and that added sweetness makes a very enjoyable number. The gin comes through profoundly.

Then, I decided to get adventurous…

My favourite gin concoction consists of fresh mint leaves, a squeeze of lemon and a good drop of elderflower. So I tried it out using the Tiger Gin too.

It was perhaps, a little too sweet with the added elderflower. But making the decision to pop in another generous squeeze of lemon nicely balanced out the taste.

In fairness, I’d much prefer to stick to standard G&T with this unique little gin. The strong flavours it possesses doesn’t need to be complimented by any fancy additions.

It’s definitely a brand I’d want in the cabinet for impressing friends. The pricey tag means it’d be kept for best but I’d definitely buy it.

I think it’s more so because I like the brand identity. It feels polished, slightly vintage but slick and prestigious.

The boast of being a Great British Gin is also a winning factor for me.

I also like the guy behind the brand. Albeit, I’ve never met JJ Lawrence, but I like the confident and informal tone of voice on the website and through social. So yeah, I kind of want to buy the bloke’s gin. Not just because it’s a cracking little gin. And that’s key.

If your an avid gin lover, à la me, please give it a try. It’s unique and a great addition to a collection.

Let me know your thoughts, tweet me @ProperScrummy

Lots of love, LB x

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary product provided by Tiger Gin, all views are my own. Read more about disclosure here.
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