The Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles – Sunday Lunch in Teesside

It’s taken me a little while to write this review. Mostly because I so boldly proclaimed that it was the very best Sunday lunch that I’d ever had across my social media channels.

I don’t regret saying it. It’s absolutely true. BUT, how do I do it justice?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some incredible Sunday lunches across the North East. And just because I think I’ve found the best around doesn’t mean I won’t go anywhere else, I just can’t think of a Sunday lunch I’ve enjoyed more than The Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles.

Every bite was absolutely faultless, and I believe that everybody should know about this little village treasure. So here we go…

The Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles is, from the outside, a quintessential village pub. Inside, it’s the perfect blend of traditional and modern with exposed brickwork, solid wood furniture and beautiful open fireplaces. It’s not a huge establishment so if you pay them a visit, I recommend that you book.

As we were seated in a cute and cosy corner of the venue, we were given the Sunday lunch menu to look over and our drinks order was taken. We were one of the last sittings of the day so the restaurant was starting to wind down but the service was spot on and everything arrived promptly.

The menu on the website is a sample, the choices vary depending on seasonal produce but you can check out their Facebook page for their menu updates.

Their was four of us around the table and we all chose a different dish to start. It was pretty difficult to decide who’s dish championed…

I decided on the Roast Fresh Salmon and Smoked Salmon combo, served with a lemon and pepper mayo and cubed beetroot – it was divine! A beautifully light and clean dish that was refreshing and so very tasty. The sweet and earthy flavours from the beetroot was complimented so well with the peppery, bitter condiment and the smoky fish.

We also ordered the Cod and Salmon Fishcakes that were served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce…

The Ham Hock Terrine that was rich, chunky and plated up with a cracking piccalilli. It had that wonderful salty-sour mix that works so well with cold meats.

The unanimous winner however, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing, was the Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry Sauce. Cheese is always a strong contender anyway, but paired with a sweet and sticky homemade cranberry sauce it nabbed the top spot during the first course.

For the main event I opted for the Roast Sirloin of Durham Beef, served pink. The cut of meat was beautifully cooked, thick, tender and juicy – it was honestly perfect.

Dan had ordered the second beef option, the Roast Topside of Beef. It was a huge chunk of soft, flaky meat. Despite being served well done, (never acceptable in my opinion), it was still incredible.

All of our lunches came with two Yorkshire Puddings (perks of being one of the last sittings), golden and super crispy roast potatoes, thick rich gravy and a medley of vegetables each with their very own unique twist, including peppered turnip and honey roasted parsnips.

My favourite, however, was the shredded red cabbage which was dressed in a woody balsamic glaze, I could of quite easily ate a full bowl of that alone.

Everything was just excellently seasoned, cooked to perfection and caused moans of delight with every single mouthful. It wasn’t enough for us though. We just had to take a peek at that dessert menu…

Now, we’d visited The Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles with our friend Ashleigh. You’ve never seen a sweet tooth quite like hers and she knows her puddings. Especially a sticky toffee number. So when she said it was the best dessert she’d ever had, you know it’s outstanding.

Even me, the girl who doesn’t do sweet stuff unless it’s laden with bitter lemon, could have quite easily scoffed their Sticky Toffee Pudding and gone back for more.

Luckily, they also had my all time favourite making an appearance on their varied and mouth-watering menu – a Lemon Meringue Pie. It was stunning. Crisp, lightly charred meringue sat on a fresh, bitter lemon curd and a pastry that was soft and crumbly.

There wasn’t one part of our afternoon that I could fault. Not even slightly improve.

Even the bill! Whilst slightly more expensive than some Sunday lunch venues, I’d of happily paid more for the quality of food at The Vane Arms.

You can get 1 course for £13.95, 2 for £16.95 or go the full hog and indulge in all 3 for £19.95. We sampled a couple of alcoholic beverages whilst we were there too and the overall bill worked out at just under £60 a couple.

I absolutely can’t wait to head back and try their evening menu. Apparently they do a smashing parmo…

They also have themed wine evenings on, in the past they’ve done Portuguese wine and food pairings as well as Spanish and Italian, a pudding club and an extensive specialist gin menu.

So there you have it, my review of quite easily the best Sunday lunch I’ve ever had. Where’s your favourite place for a roast?

Let me know if you pay The Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles a visit too, I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love, LB x


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