The Potting Shed Northallerton, Preview Party and Review

I was very kindly invited along to have a sneak peak of Northallerton’s latest bar and eatery, The Potting Shed. The VIP preview evening was on Thursday 10th August and offered locals, press and bloggers an opportunity to have first look at their latest venture.

With Potting Sheds already sitting successfully in Bingley and Beverley, their third venue offered a bit of a unique history. The building itself is a former mental institute, Rutson Hospital and is a beautiful Grade II listed building. I’m told the renovations were painstaking due to it’s status but the results are most definitely worth it.

The venue is huge, as you can imagine, and stunningly decorated. The influence of nature and the outdoors firmly embedded everywhere you turn. It’s distinctive and despite it’s size and quirky illusion, it’s really quite cosy.

The Potting Shed Northallerton launch party was booming but I managed to fight my way through each corridor and room to get a good look at everything the landmark building has to offer. It has three outdoor areas, including a rooftop terrace and a garden lined with funky little sheds. You can hire out your favourite shed for the evening, just enquire with the staff!

We were showered with craft ales, cocktails and fizz as well as a cracking selection of canapés that had a lovely Yorkshire twist. Layered cottage pies filled into mini Yorkshire puds, posh fish fingers sarnies and wood oven pizzas too! The bitesize nibbles paid homage to their menu and they did a fine job of making me want to return to try it out… So I did just that.

You can scroll through the VIP event images and continue reading for my review on the full dining experience…

*Please note: I did not take all of the images within the carousel, some were provided to me by the Potting Shed and their PR Company. 

So after a cracking evening at the launch event, I ventured back to the Potting Shed Northallerton to try out their main menu in it’s full glory. I’d taken a peak at it at the preview party and was impressed by the variation, use of ingredients and influence from around the world.

There was a heavy Mediterranean influence on the menu but also plenty of dishes that embraced their Yorkshire roots. One in particular I couldn’t stop thinking about… The Yorkshire Pudding Burrito.

On arrival we were welcomed, as before, by wonderfully friendly and helpful staff. The manager especially, is incredibly accommodating, chatty and jovial. It was unsurprisingly really busy. Albeit a Monday evening, with it being a brand new establishment, I imagine it’s still a bit of a novelty for locals.

And so it should be! It’s a great addition to a lovely town, bringing vibrancy and new people to the area.

Because we’d dribbled over the menu prior to our booking, we knew exactly what we wanted before we even arrived. A lovely waitress appeared to take our drinks and meal order immediately.

They have a cracking selection of world beers and craft ales – although no menu to view them all. I took it that this meant they mix it up and change them often? I’m not sure, but I went for a pint of Pravha; a Czech beer from the brewers of Staropramen but much lighter. If you haven’t already gave it a whirl, I recommend.

I, of course, ordered the Chargrilled Steak Burrito – a chef special. Thick, pink strips of steak doused in gravy and drizzled with a Dijon aioli and all wrapped up in a thick Yorkshire pudding. Yes, it IS just as amazing as it sounds.

After ordering, I started to get the food regret. You know when you wish you’d ordered something else? The wood oven pizzas that passed smelt incredible. Thin and crisp, I was beginning to doubt my initial decision.

But then it arrived and all that nonsense stopped. The steak melted, the pudding wrap was delightfully soft and fluffy and had just the right amount of gravy. Not sloppy or messy, perfect! The chips were huge chunky numbers, lovely and crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. With the odd proper crispy one chucked in amongst them – I love those little devils.

It was a beast though, and I am ashamed to say I couldn’t finish it all.

Dan went for a Gnome’s Revenge burger. As naughty as the name would suggest! A thick beef patty, a chicken breast topped with Sicilian Nduja spicy sausage, pepperoni, bacon, cheese and homemade onion rings.

Not only was the meat flavoursome and well seasoned, but it was tender and juicy! The real stars of the show however, were the little additions of the Nduja and pepperoni, adding texture and heat to the dish.

The burger came with french fries, but you could choose chunky or even sweet potato fries if you’d prefer. You can also choose to go skinny by removing the bun from any burger on the menu.

We loved our meals at the Potting Shed Northallerton and constantly noted how lush it would be to spend an afternoon in one the sheds outside or spending a Sunday listening to the live acoustic performances in the main bar area.

The food arrived a little bit slow, but considering it was really busy and they’ve only just opened, I can’t complain. The staff were great about it, which makes all the difference doesn’t it?

Plus, nothing’s stopping me from returning for one of those pizzas. I’ve got my eye on the Spanish number, I think. I’ll keep you updated.

Lots of love, LB x


Disclaimer: This meal was provided as a complimentary experience by The Potting Shed Northallerton, all views are my own. Read more about disclosure here.


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