The Holy Hobo, Newcastle – Menu Review

Newcastle’s ever-growing food scene makes it increasingly difficult to choose where to eat. And unfortunately, I’m about to make it even more of a challenge…

We visited The Holy Hobo in Jesmond, Newcastle to sample their foodie delights and we were impressed. The venue, located in Jesmond and part of the renowned Apartment Group, is a quirky venue full of character that claims to be the ‘Mecca of Good Vibes’ and a your number one stop for ‘great food and a good pint’. And they weren’t lying.

The Holy Hobo, Newcastle is a dim and dark establishment with a cosy amber glow and that trendy industrial style vibe; rustic copper furnishing, old leather and exposed brick.

Before attending, obviously, I checked out the menu and was immediately intrigued by their signature kebab main courses. Expertly prepared low-cooked meats teamed with secret marinades, they’re a far cry from the traditional kebab expectations.

Before we get to the main event however, lets start at the very beginning…

Our welcome was pleasant, although there wasn’t someone their to greet us straight away and took a little while, it can be forgiven for the attentive service we received throughout.

There was also a great selection of craft ales and lagers on tap. They have Budvar from ‘tank to tap’ which travels all the way from the brewery in Budweis, Czech Republic once a week, but we opted for a pint of Lagunitas – one of their craft ales. They also have an extensive selection of incredible looking cocktails. I can imagine it’s a cracking and cosy venue for a few cheeky ones after work or even during a boozy lunch hour.

Our food order was taken swiftly, and the starters arrived not long after. We’d decided to share the Halloumi Fries and Italian Style Meatballs.

The meatballs were a moist and juicy with lots of flavour. Served with a rich tomato and two slices of crisp sourdough bread, they we’re really tasty.

Alas, they were outshone by the halloumi number. We’re big halloumi lovers, but as fries they can often be salty, soggy or both. These were crisp, perfectly seasoned and matched beautifully with a genrous drizzling of coriander and lime sour cream and topped with sweet, fresh pomegranates.

The combination of fruit and salty cheese is something I’d seen often but never tried, and they work tremendously. Highly recommend this dish to start off your evening.

Happy with how we’d started, we were really looking forward to the main. Dan has ordered the Great Balls of Fire. Yes, as you all guessed, it was a burger.

A thick burger patty topped with extra meatballs, nachos, monterey jack cheese, sour cream and jalapenos. It was a good size, without bordering the ridiculous, and came with normal or sweet potato fries.

All of the meat featured was lovely, similar to the meatballs we’d started with. Juicy and succulent with just the right amount of toppings not to overpower the actual burger.

I ordered 12 hour slow-cooked Moroccan lamb kebab. There were five different meat options for the foundation of the signature kebabs; popcorn shrimp, tandoori chicken, Italian style meatballs or halloumi and falafel.

After choosing your meat you choose the kind of salad; traditional kebab shop salad (cabbage, lettuce, red onion and cucumber), the posh salad (feta, olives, sundried tomatoes, piquillo peppers and baby leaf) or the superfood salad (couscous, avocado, goji berries and cucumber). I went for the traditional kebab shop salad.

You could also choose two sauces. There’s a good selection to compliment every kind of meat but I opted for the peanut and beetroot hummus and the lime and coriander sour cream. The hummus as well as the lime and coriander seemed to be the best match for my Moroccan inspired lamb. All of it was served with a large naan-style bread.

Starting from the top, the lamb was shredded with an amazing flavour, light yet fragrant. And I’m pleased I went with the traditional salad too as to not take any of the spotlight away from the tender lamb. However, I was very tempted by the posh salad, it sounded right up my street – maybe next time!

The Holy Hobo sauces were a good shout too. The fresh, zingy taste from the sour cream and the heavy, nutty hummus made for a perfect team. The hummus especially was absolutely divine! It had the beautiful, vibrant colour of the beetroot but all of the taste from the sweet peanuts. I’ve been meaning to try and recreate this little gem at home, I could have ate a tub with a spoon!

Unfortunately, we were far too full for a dessert but we also didn’t want to leave. We were having a well overdue date night in such a lush little spot, so instead we ordered another pint and had a game of pool to try and avoid the food coma.

The former Mr Lynch venue can also be hired privately. There’s a secret room: The Doctor’s Lair, marked only by an inconspicuous brass plate which reads ‘Dr. Sinclair – PHD Concealment and Good Time Physician’ and only accessed via a password through the old intercom. It’s a 100 capacity venue and makes for a really different Christmas do! Definitely worth checking out next time you’re there.

We had such a gorgeous evening and The Holy Hobo certainly lived up to it’s promise of great (amazing) food and a good pint, which is all we ask. We’ll most certainly be back.

Lots of love, LB x


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