The Earl of Pitt Street: Pre-Show Dining in Newcastle

Heading to a gig at the Metro Radio Arena? Wondering where to head for some pre-show dining in Newcastle? Stop right there, I’ve saved you the tedious task of scrolling through TripAdvisor…

The wonderful, wine-guzzling woman that is Mama Jan bought me Paloma Faith tickets for Christmas (she was unreal btw) and because the Friday of her show coincided with Mothers’ Day weekend, we planned a girly stay in town with time for some food and lots of wine. I wanted somewhere pretty close to the arena so we weren’t pressured for time and could only think of the usual spots that we’d hit before, but they just weren’t tickling my pickle.

It wasn’t until my own tedious TripAdvisor hunt that I was reminded of The Earl of Pitt Street. Somewhere I’d been telling myself to visit for far too long.

We booked a table for 6.00pm and headed straight there after checking into our room at Motel One. I’m saying straight there, we managed to down a glass of while in ten minutes whilst freshening up. She trained me well.

Photo Credit: The Earl of Pitt Street

We arrived and I wasn’t entirely sure what to think. This cute and quirky little pub was capable of delivering those incredible plates of food I’d seen on my Instagram feed? We let the bar know we were here for our table, at which point the lovely lady directed us up the stairs.

Photo Credit: The Earl of Pitt Street

On the next level of the tiny bar area was a cosy and intimate restaurant. Still rather small, but certainly not cramped. The atmosphere is relaxed, with dim lighting and the buzz of casual conversation.

Naturally, we ordered a bottle of wine and turned to assess the menu.

There was a lovely selection of dishes on both the main and early bird menu. With something for both of us on the early bird, we settled for that. It was a bonus that it was two courses for just £14 and three for £18!

We differed when it came to choosing our starter dish. Mama Jan opted for the Thai Lemongrass Chicken.

It was a beautifully fragrant shredded chicken topped with toasted peanuts, served with gem lettuce cups and a sweet chilli dip. The flavour from the Thai chicken was, honestly, perfect. As a lover of Thai food, I almost got the food envy. The smell alone was pungent, but the taste was light and fresh.

I’d gone for something a little more rich. Presenting the Rioja and Honey Braised Chorizo Bruschetta.

Sweet and sickly – in a good way – the salty spice from the chorizo was balanced out by the thick honey glaze. I’ll admit, on top of that chunky, crunchy Italian bread, it defeated me. I scranned every last drop of the full-flavoured and vibrant topping, but had to leave some of the carbs. After all we’d both chosen the gnocchi for our main event…

The Smoked Salmon Gnocchi with spinach and a herb cream was an absolute delight. A smoky, salty flavour from the salmon teamed with thick yet fluffy dumplings and all doused in a creamy sauce.

It was a winning combination and one that I would go back to The Earl for, time and time again.

We’d hoped to keep our eating affair light and casual, basically just a lining of the stomach, so we could drink and dance the night away. Instead, we left this wonderful little venue as very happy yet very stuffed women, much in need of a nap.

Sacking off the walk to the arena, we ordered another glass of wine whilst waiting for our Uber. We sat downstairs in the pub and admired the decor. It took a modern twist on a traditional pub environment, and I could have happily sat there all evening.

Photo Credit: The Earl of Pitt Street

I’m dying to take Dan back here for a date night as I think it’d be the perfect place! I’ve heard their Sunday Lunches are incredible too – have you tried them?

Let me know where you head to for pre-show dining in Newcastle, drop me a tweet at @ProperScrummy!

Lots of love, LB x


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