Sunday Lunch Sharing Platter at Tomahawk Steakhouse

Tomahawk Steakhouse has recently opened their doors in Darlington. And in my quest to find the North East’s best Sunday lunch, I knew I needed to visit to give their sharing platter a once over…

Much closer to us than the Newcastle branch, I was thrilled about Tomahawk’s decision to add Darlington to their ever-expanding list of locations.

The latest addition to the Tomahawk Steakhouse franchise in Darlington

We visited on their first Sunday lunch service, they’d been open less than a week. I always expect some slight teething problems with any new business, whether they have other locations or not. New staff, new customers and a new restaurant layout, there’s bound to be some adjustment.

The entrance to Tomahawk Steakhouse, Darlington

Well, not for these guys. It was flawless. The service was really quick and really friendly – I was impressed!

We ordered a couple of starters from the main menu to begin; Dan going for the chorizo and halloumi skewers. I initially opted for the crab and lobster spring rolls, but after being told they’d sold out I chose the slow cooked lamb croquettes.

The slow cooked lamb croquettes and the chorizo and halloumi skewers to start

Both dishes were beautifully presented and really tasty.

The lamb croquettes were tender and seasoned really well. And the skewers were made up of really thick chunks of both the chorizo and cheese.

A cracking start to the meal

We’d gone for the sharing platter for the main event. Three different types of meat, garlic and herb marinated chicken, crispy pork belly and topside of Wagyu beef.

If you’ve been for a Tomahawk steak, you’d understand why we just knew they’d nail the meat. Every single cut was delicious. Perfectly cooked.

The Sunday Lunch sharing platter from Tomahawk Steakhouse

The platter came with pork and herb stuffing, beef dripping roasties, cauliflower cheese, two huge Yorkshires on top of individual pots of red wine gravy, braised red cabbage and seasonal veg.

You can add on so many sides too, from mac and cheese to spicy chimichurri tossed broccoli. We just stuck with a side of creamy mash. Because it’s just not a Sunday roast without it.

A good choice too. The mash was smooth and really buttery. The standard sides were all very tasty too. The braised cabbage, the crispy but fluffy roast potatoes and the really rich, super cheesy caulfilower dish were all perfectly done.

The Yorkshire was huge with just the right amount of stodge.

Turns out, I’ve found the reason Sundays were made. Literally one of my favourite Sunday lunches for a while, and I really liked the sharing element – getting a little bit of everything.

The platter was £16.95 per person, in comparison to the £13-£15 price tag for an individual roast.

For two starters, the sharing platter and one glass of wine (for me obvs.), the bill came to £60 and that included the service charge.

The competition just keeps getting more fierce for the North East’s best roast. And I’m proper enjoying making my way through the lot!

We’ve visited Tomahawk Steakhouse for their main menu too, and I can highly recommend for any occasion.

The restaurant is just above the Vue cinema, so the perfect location for date day too.

Let me know if you pay them a visit!

Lots of love, LB x


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