Sunday Lunch at Casa d’Italia

Sundays are for food. If you don’t spend your Sunday passed out on the couch covered in gravy/crumbs/empty packets, quite frankly, you’re doing it wrong.

Ours always kicks off with a classic bacon sandwich. Then of course, it’s all about a good Sunday lunch.

After being scarred cooking for ten at Christmas, I don’t even slightly consider entering the kitchen on a Sunday. This week we tried a local Italians.

Now, I’m always funny about an Italian joint knocking up a Sunday dinner. Is that just me?

I always think that the best dinners are served in good, proper pubs. But it’s somewhere my parents go often and I’ll hold my hands up, it impressed.

Casa d’Italia in Spennymoor is a dinky little restaurant on the high street. It’s family run and really friendly.

There wasn’t a great deal of choice to start, I went for the bruschetta.

It was laden with garlic – but just up my street. Simple and really tasty.

For main, there were plenty of options. I went for lamb. My favourite meat. Dan chose chicken, my mama asked for Pork and my dad landed on the beef. The mmm’s and ah’s around the table told me everyone was pleased with their choice.

The lamb fell apart. It was cooked beautifully. Everything on the plate was flavourful. Creamy mash, sweetened turnip and rich gravy!

My only couple of niggles was, number one, the choice of veg offered. But that’s a personal preference. Secondly, my favourite part of a Sunday lunch – the Yorkshire, was burnt.

Luckily, mama Jan doesn’t do Yorkshires and offered me hers. She’s a good egg. It was lovely. A cracking pud. Just a shame about mine!

I couldn’t possibly fit in a dessert. Slightly gutted. Considering I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, I’m a total sucker for anything lemon-y. It’s not often an option you get on many dessert menus, so it saddened me that there was a Sicilian lemon number but I was already half-way to food coma.

All the other desserts looked cracking too…

So, yeah. All in all, I’d give it a 8/10. Could have even possibly been an 8.5, as the bill was a lovely sight too. Four people and two rounds of drinks (alcoholic of course) for less than £50! Bargain.

A hidden gem in the world of Sunday lunches. And in Spennymoor itself, really. Give it a go. You can visit their website and download their normal menu here too.


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  1. Daniel Keenan
    26th February 2017 / 6:08 pm

    Yet another cracking review! Keep it up!

  2. David
    17th March 2017 / 9:08 am

    Thanks Laura for your Blog about our gaff…. Glad you guys have had a good time I’ll make sure the Yorkshire isn’t well done next time ????.

    Best Wishes

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