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Whilst it might not feel like it, summer is just around the corner and this hormonal weather has got me pining for a holiday abroad. Burning sunshine, scrumptious food and beautiful views…


If you, like me, need something to look forward to (and to give you motivation for the nil-by-mouth movement), there’s no better time to start planning your 2018 vacation!

And just in case you needed a little bit of help deciding where to book, Holiday Gems and I are here to give you some holiday inspo…

In September, Proper Scrumptious are heading to Southern Spain to get knee deep in tapas, sangria and siestas. Fancy it? From endless Pinterest research and blog reading, I’ve found there’s so much more to the region than the typical Spanish holiday.

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With direct flights from most North East airports, Malaga is the perfect short haul destination for exploring the Costa del Sol.

Sea and Sand: Nerja

Located on the Eastern tip of Costa del Sol, Nerja’s beautiful beaches stretch across a huge ten miles. With a total of 12 to choose from, Nerja boasts a beach of every kind. Discover underwater caves, dance under waterfalls, take in the beautiful vegetation and golden sands or even strip down to the nuddie if that’s your thing! Each one is lined with an array of bars and restaurants or within a short walking distance to a bustling Spanish town.

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Whilst Nerja is the perfect spot for total relaxation, it’s great if you’re an adventure seeker too. Holiday-makers can spend the day down in Las Cuevas de Nerja, the caves discovered by chance in 1959. This popular attraction holds the Guinness World Record for the largest column as well as the oldest Neanderthal cave drawings.

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However, if you don’t fancy missing out on the sunshine but need a break from the beach, you can always hike El Cielo – the highest coastal mountain in the area. At the top you’ll have breathtaking views of the whole of Costa del Sol and even the North African coastline. Think of all that San Miguel you could burn off?


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Traditional Spain: Mijas Pueblo

A typical, white-washed España village located on a hillside, Mijas Pueblo oozes authentic charm. Popular with tourists yet still managing to keep it’s traditional roots, the village has a noticeable laid back and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a great spot for bargain hunters too! The streets are full of craft stores selling handmade pottery and affordable prints and paintings. Acclaimed artists and creatives tend to settle here citing the inspiring views and culture for their move.

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In a village that overlooks the rest of the Costa del Sol, the views can be stunning and enjoyed over tapas, a coffee or more likely, a beer. They’re also famed for their donkey taxis to get you about the village. If Mijas Pueblo has managed to retain it’s authenticity in every other aspect, the food has got to be unreal, right?!

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Break the Bank: Marbella

Dripping with luxury and exclusivity, Marbella is the most chic resort along the Southern Spain coastline. If you fancy a five star spot this summer, this is the ultimate place in Costa del Sol.

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A playground for the rich and famous, Marbella is a more modern and cosmopolitan destination than most of Andalucia. The town boasts the most prestigious bars, nightclubs and Michellin star restaurants, perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. It’s also a haven for keen golfers and shopping enthusiasts too. But beyond the swag, there’s a lot of beauty to be found in Marbella.

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It has some of the most incredible golden beaches, cultural attractions and family friendly entertainment. Marbella’s La Alameda Park is home to a permanent Dali sculpture exhibition and surrounded by exotic trees, plants and vegetation.

If you’re ideal holiday consists of sitting on a roof terrace, sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down before you skip off to a swanky club to watch some of the world’s best DJs, this might be where you want to head.

Nightlife Favourite: Benalmádena

Just 12km from Malaga airport, Benalmádena has two stunning castles (Colomares and Bil-bil), beautiful gardens and wildlife to admire in the Parque de la Paloma, neverending coastline and even a mountain to visit via cable car. There’s so much to do, especially with the neighbouring town of Torremolinos just a short distance away.

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BUT, despite it’s popular tourist spots Benalmádena’s nightlife is an attraction in itself. If you love a thriving evening scene, this Spanish town has a reputation for a cracking night on the tiles. There’s an area aptly named 24-Hour Square bursting with bars and clubs of every kind; salsa, techno, entertainers and acts, tropical themed, Irish establishments and even an ice bar.

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If you’re looking for something slightly more up-market, the marina is recommended for an array of outdoor terrace venues and piano bars. It’s still highly recommended for for a good night out but offers just a slightly more chilled vibe. You can expect to pay a little bit more around this area too.

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No matter what you’re looking for from your holiday, there’s definitely something in the South of Spain for everyone.

Is there anything more exciting than eating your entire body weight in food and drink for seven days straight? Nope. Take a peak at Holiday Gems latest deals and destinations here:

And once you’re all booked up, let me know where you’re jetting off to this summer!

Lots of love, LB x

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