Salted Caramel Viennese Whirl Recipe

The king of all biscuits, I’ve taken a Viennese Whirl recipe to the next level. Guaranteed crumbly, buttery biscuits and an indulgent salted caramel and buttercream filling, you’ll be surprised at just how easy they are to make.

I challenge you to name a better biscuit than the Viennese Whirl. There’s no competition. I’m a big biscuit fan (probably due to the sheer volume of tea I drink) and I honestly can’t think of a biccy I’d rather chomp down on than these light, silky little devils.

I always assumed given how fancy they look that they’d be pretty difficult to make, so I’ve admittedly always stuck to Kipling and assumed that was as good as a whirl could get.


Homemade Viennese Whirls are even better – can you imagine?! And, so easy to make too. ESPECIALLY, because you can get creative. Recently, I replaced the traditional jam filling for a sweet and salty, gooey caramel. It’s a game changer, trust me.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know your way around a piping bag, it’s not much faff.  And there’s nothing a good dusting of icing sugar can’t hide…


For the biscuit:

  • 200g slightly salted butter, leave it out at room-temp so it’s super soft
  • 50g icing sugar, sifted
  • 200g plain flour
  • 50g cornflour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

For the filling:


  • Hand-held electric whisk
  • Piping bag with a star-shaped nozzle
  • Greaseproof paper


  1. Let’s prep. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray or two with greaseproof paper.
  2. In a bowl, add the butter and sift the icing sugar and beat (ideally with an electric hand whisk) until nice and fluffy. Add in your vanilla extract and combine fully.
  3. Next, add your flour, cornflour and baking powder, and fold into the mixture until it’s a very sticky texture.
  4. Spoon your Viennese Whirl dough into the piping bag. If you can’t get it all in the first time, just do it in stages.
  5. On your greaseproof paper lined baking trays, start piping your mixture into swirly circles about 5cm in diameter. Leave a good 2-3cm between each biscuit swirl. You’ll also need an even number of biccies.
  6. Bake the biscuits for about 10 minutes until they only slightly start to colour. If you’re a Viennese fan, you’ll know they are pale biscuits so don’t over-do it. Transfer to a wire rack to cool once done.  
  7. In the meantime, you can mix up your buttercream. You’ve probably done this before, but simple add you butter to a bowl and sift in your icing sugar, slowly stirring at first until it starts to  combine and then beat until smooth. Add you vanilla extract and give it one final mix.
  8. Once your biscuits are nice and cool, take half of your biscuits and turn them onto the flat side. Then, pipe or spoon your buttercream onto each.
  9. Top with a good spoonful of your salted caramel sauce and pop a plain biscuit from the second half of your batch and press the flat side on top of the caramel, sandwiching the filling together.
  10. Once all the biscuits are used up, dust with a light covering of icing sugar and pop the kettle on – it’s time for a brew.

Delicious, yes?

I think this salted caramel Viennese Whirl recipe is especially scrumptious at this time of year. Once you’ve nailed them the first-time round, you’ll know how easy they are. You can even start to experiment with future bakes, spicing up the biscuit dough with some cinnamon or gingerbread even? What about flavouring the buttercream?

The possibilities are endless. Let me know how you get on – I wanna be tagged in your pics!

Lots of love, LB x


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