Sachins, Indian Restaurant in Newcastle

I think I’ve found my favourite Indian restaurant in Newcastle. Or at least, the very best salmon I’ve ever tasted…

Mama Jan and I were off to see the hilarious John Bishop at the Metro Radio Arena and thought we’d treat ourselves to something scrumptious before hand. We’d umm’d and ahh’d about were to head having very little time to actually eat. Beyond Lane 7 I couldn’t actually think about anywhere particularly close to the arena.

Alas, Google. I hadn’t realised quite how close Sachins was to our comedy destination and since Janice adores Indian food, it was a done deal.

I had heard so many good things about Sachins but being a Durhamite, when we venture to Newcastle we usually stick to the usual hotspots and Sachins always seems a little out of the way. I’d also recently read North East Family Fun’s review of the restaurant and so I was thrilled to finally get the chance to try their incredible Punjabi cuisine.

Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Menu

The restaurant was crackers when we arrived and with it being quite a last minute decision, we didn’t have a reservation. Although we were warmly welcomed and seated within ten minutes (if that!), I highly recommend you securing your table prior to your arrival. Especially when there’s something on at the arena.

The staff were wonderful, attentive and friendly. We mentioned the limited amount of time we had to dine and they promised they’d serve us and have us out the door in a well fed fashion with plenty of time to spare.

Which they did. Even though we pushed out luck and ordered starters too…

But my god, am I pleased we did. I don’t think I’ve shut up about my first course since our visit. I decided on the Salmon Tikka 3 Ways and Mama Jan decided upon the Murgh Tikka 3 Ways, which was a chicken based dish.

Chunky, flaky pieces of fish soaked in three different marinades and barbecued in the tandoor. The first was a South Indian style tikka, the second a mustard flavoured tikka and the final one was a Goan inspired tikka marinade.

Starter at Sachins, Indian Restaurant in Newcastle

The Goan number was my favourite but the mustard came a very close second. Each piece of salmon was delicate and so beautifully flavoured, I honestly never wanted it to end.

The flavours on the chicken starter were different. They had a saffron infused tikka, a Jeera tikka which is cumin based and a mint and coriander flavoured one too.

Chicken Starter from Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Sachins

All of which were absolutely beautiful too. The chicken was tender and juicy and each marinade was just the right amount, allowing the fragrant flavours to present themselves without being overpowering.

But we both admitted, the salmon was the easy winner.

Incredibly pleased with the first round, I was looking forward to getting stuck into my Aloo Goshat. A lamb and potato curry from the Delhi, packed with green chillies.

The lamb fell apart of the fork and the potatoes soft and soaked in the curry spices. It certainly was hot too. I blame the food for making me order another glass of wine…

Mama Jan ordered the Murgh Kala Mirch, chicken cooked in a black pepper sauce. She was wary at first as it was worlds away from her usual Indian choice, but she loves black pepper so decided to be adventurous. Something she isn’t usually when it comes to food.

Lamb and Chicken Dishes at Indian Restaurant in Newcastle

Both meals were delightful. The black pepper had a very subtle kick and a strange yet thoroughly enjoyable Punjabi twist. The hot lamb number was perfect, right up my street. The meat in each curry was chunky and a-plenty.

We teamed it with the Keema Naan and Mushroom Basmati Rice – both, again, were faultless.

This stylish and modern Indian Restaurant in Newcastle met every expectation I had and has definitely secured itself as one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had. Bold statement, I know, but I find a lot of curry houses are just standard. Nothing wrong with the food, but tastes exactly the same as the one down the road.

So, I thoroughly enjoyed our experience here with great thanks to the staff too. You’ll be sure to see me soon!

Lots of love, LB x


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