PopaBall, Fun with Gin!

PopaBall. As fun as it sounds.

If you love gin. Or prosecco. Or vodka. Well really, to be fair, if you just love a good booze up, get yourself a pack of PopaBall.

Perfect for a summer BBQ with fruity cocktails, a celebration that requires some bubbles or good girls’ night in. These little devils are squishy balls of flavour that you pop into your beverage (of course, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic but it certainly makes it more fun).

The bursting bubbles come a pretty wide range of flavours, it was hard to decide which to get my hands on. I settled for the two pack of lemon and blueberry. These particular flavours were recommended for those with a penchant for gin, à la me.

The lychee, however, was very tempting. I think that one is next on the list.

It felt like the acceptable time for alcohol took forever to arrive. But eventually it did.

The box of bubbles come with a wide straw you use to suck up the PopaBalls with. Only one, but you can buy extra straws for cheap as chips on their website.

I tried the bubbles with both gin and prosecco. It was a Saturday, after all.

I first tried the lemon and must admit, I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting a very strong citrus flavour erupting with my sip of gin. The flavour was there but not as intense as I hoped. Perhaps because one of my favourite flavours is lemon, I set my expectations just a bit too high.

The blueberry, on the other hand, was scrumptious! Full of flavour and really refreshing.

Personally, I think they go much better with a bit of fizz rather than my gin. I’d definitely get them out when the girls are round. And I think we could have so much fun conjuring up some cocktails, when the sunshine makes an appearance.

A fun little novelty buy that would make a cracking gift. In fact, you should see some of the gift sets they offer. A bit of a bargain. You’ve also probably seen girls across the UK go mad for unicorn prosecco? Well, it was these guys who invented it! Add some rose gold shimmer for the ultimate glass of fizz!

I can’t wait to try more flavours! At £3.79 for a two pack, it’s a must for any party. Take a look at their range here.

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Lots of love, LB x


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