The New Nando’s Veggie Menu

Have you heard about Nando’s new veggie menu?

A few weeks ago, Nando’s launched their brand new vegetarian and vegan menu to coincide with National Vegetarian Week.

Now you all know, I’m no herbivore, but I was intrigued when the team at Nando’s Sunderland invited me along to sample their new offering in exchange for an honest review.

I’m always trying to increase my vegetable intake. And whilst I’m a huge meat lover, I do appreciate the need to cut back. I’ll be honest though, I’ve never found any veggie dish good enough that I’d opt to eat that instead of a meat-based option when eating out.

Did Nando’s manage change my mind? Let’s find out…

Burgers, Pittas and Wraps: Veggie Style

The new and old options available on the new Nando’s Veggie Menu sound delicious on paper. And if their signature chicken is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat right?

You can opt for:

Sweet Potato and Butternut – a patty of red peppers, onions and edamame beans.

Supergreen – Lots of greeny-goodness such as broccoli, edamame beans and kale.

Beanie – Cheese, chickpeas and sweetcorn patty with lentils, peas and pumpkin seeds.

I opted for the Beanie. Because y’know, cheese.

The new vegetarian burgers from Nandos

It was good. Much better than the other option I tasted, Sweet Potato and Butternut. The SP&B was too mushy, although it did have a lovely fiery kick.

Nandos pittas with a vegetarian twist

My chickpea burger was more firm and less messy and had a good mixture of textures which I really enjoyed.

Not Fancying a Burger?

How about the Veggie Cataplana? This was by far the best main dish on Nando’s Veggie menu. I’d absolutely choose this in favour of the above.

The Veggie Catapalana will please veggies and meat eaters alike

Nando’s famous spicy rice topped with chickpeas, chargrilled vegetables and beans in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce. It was packed full of flavour and a perfect alternative for cutting calories or meat.

A whole new range of side dishes from Nando's to cater for veggie and vegan diners

It’s All About the Sides

I’m alllll about the Nando’s sides. The halloumi, the mash, the corn on the cob – I love it all, so I was interested to see what they’d serve up instead.

A close up of the new veggie sides dishes available now at Nando's

Grains n Greens – A mix of grains, beans, peas and corn with an avocado and buttermilk dressing.

Saucy Spinach – Wilted spinch in a spicy tomato sauce with added chickpeas.

Long Stem Broccoli – Exactly what it says.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash – This is a fino side, topped with spinach and crumbled feta cheese.

I actually surprised myself and enjoyed all of the sides. The Grains n Greens and Saucy Spinach were the top two and again, would be a good replacement if you’re wanting to get your Nando’s on without the chicken, or carbs. The dressing on those grains was delightful.

The Grains n Greens was a favourite around the table from the brand new Nando's veggie menu

Salad Anyone?

The menu has even upgraded their salad section too, now offering;

Watermelon and Feta Salad – Chargrilled watermelon and salty feta on top of baby spinach with olives and cucumber.

House Salad – Cos lettuce, cucumber, baby tomatoes, olives and chargrilled peppers.

Grains n Greens Salad – The GnG side dish on top of a bed of baby spinach and topped with tenderstem broccoli.

Okay, I’ll be honest. These did nothing for me. The salad all looked like it had come directly out of a bag and where pretty half-arsed.

A slightly disappointing salad from Nandos 's Veggie Menuin Sunderland

I’m a huge fan of the watermelon and feta combo, but there was no where near enough feta. And just a bed of baby spinach to accompany? For me, it lacked in imagination and flavour.

The Grains and Greens was much better as a side dish.

The House Salad on Nando's Veggie Menu

Salads, for me, to be worth eating out for need to be adventurous and bloody tasty. None of these were either, unfortunately.

Overall, though, it was great to sample something different from my standard Butterfly Chicken, Creamy Mash and Halloumi order and the new Nando’s Veggie Menu switch up will definitely change my choice next time I’m in Nando’s Sunderland.

Or it could be in their soon-to-be store on Westgate Road? Yep, that’s right. What used to be The Laundrette directly across from Newcastle Train Station is Nando’s latest restaurant. I’ll keep you up to date with the deets…

Lots of love, LB x

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