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Where to eat in York? There is an abundance of bars, eateries and restaurants scattered around. Regardless of what you’re fancying or your dietary preferences, there is absolutely something for everyone in this beautiful city.

If, like me, you love to discover new places and aren’t too taken on chain restaurants then you’ll appreciate this hidden gem. Especially if you’re partial to a good bit of Middle Eastern food.

Kapadokya 50 is a family run establishment in the heart of the Yorkshire city. Taking it’s name from the Cappadocia region of the country, it’s an authentic Turkish restaurant that places huge emphasis on the traditional cooking method of the open barbecue.

if you're wondering where to eat in york then try kapadokya turkish restaurant

Situated on George Hudson Street, it’s within easy reach from the centre of York, the train station and some of the most popular hotels.

After a wonderful day exploring the Jorvik Centre and enjoying a few drinks in the August sunshine, we were making our way back to the train station, keeping our eyes peeled for somewhere we could eat to end our day.

Kapadokya 50 had just opened as we arrived, so the place was empty. It was also Race Day, so the crowds had yet to descend on the streets of York. We were pleasantly welcomed and shown to a cute little table in the corner of the restaurant that had a lovely view out of the window. Perfect for people watching.

The decor is very much authentic yet with a modern twist, I felt cosy and relaxed as we sat. All of a sudden I smelt an aroma that took me right back to my time in Morocco. It reminded me of the way the street food vendors smelt when they cooked – it must be the open BBQ getting fired up.

Dine at a turkish restaurant kapadokya in york city centre

The menu included traditional delicacies chosen from Turkish regions of Europe and also, the Mediterranean. For each course, there was just the right amount of choice. Not that it made it any easier to decide however, nearly every dish was tempting me to choose it.

To start, we finally decided on the Halloumi (always a winner) and the Meatballs. Because at this point, we were still essentially the only people in the restaurant, the food arrived at record pace.

The halloumi was incredible. Slightly charred and releasing the salty flavouring, it had that perfect distinct consistency which makes the cheese ever so moreish.

Try the halloumi starter at kapadokya, a authentic turkish restaurant in york

The lamb meatballs were also cooked faultlessly. They were a good size, still juicy and seasoned well. Doused in a herby, yet slightly fruity, tomato sauce and accompanied by a thick piece of warm sesame bread.

Where to eat in york, dine at authetic turkish kapadokya 50 for this lamb meatball starter

The portion sizes were good. Just enough to ease you into your main meal. For which, we chose the Chicken Iskender and the Lamb Kousha.

The Lamb was slow cooked in a rich, thick gravy. Not like Bisto or the kind of thing you get on a Sunday Roast, something more sweet and flavoursome. It was teamed up with crisp potatoes and fresh vegetables. It was, quite frankly, an absolute dream to eat. The lamb just fell apart. Pink inside but still had that blackened outer coating.

Enjoy the lamb kousha in york city centre turkish restaurant, kapadokya 50

The Chicken Iskender was chunks of tender chicken grilled and then cooked in the Chef’s special tomato recipe. Croutons were scattered on top of the dish and had a generous dollop of yoghurt on the side. Dan could not believe his tastebuds, he even so much as claimed it was one of the best meals he had ever had. Ever!

The tomato sauce was thick and rich but so very pleasantly complimented by the addition of the chilled, natural yoghurt. The croutons had softened with the sauce, which only made them even more intriguing. Slightly crisp, and slightly mushy, but just right.

The chicken iskender dish from kapadokya 50 a turkish restaurant in the centre of york

I really wished that I had left space for dessert as Baklava was on the menu – an indulgent, gooey favourite of mine. Alas, I did not. Instead I was very much ready to roll back to the train station and get home to bed.

A huge mentioned should be given to the staff too, who were incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout our dining experience. After the bill was paid we were asked if we were in a rush, which we weren’t necessarily, and so were presented with an Apple Tea. It’s the traditional way to end a meal in Turkey. It was refreshing yet too sweet for me to unfortunately finish. It was, however, a lovely touch.

I urge you, if you’re wondering where to eat in York during your visit, try this place. Not only will you be treated like family by a team of wonderful staff, but you’ll get some of the best food in the city.

Where’s your favourite place to dine in York? Drop me a tweet @ProperScrummy!

Lots of love, LB x


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