Iberico World Tapas, Nottingham

Now, I know I’m a North East blogger, but in the very hope that people beyond the region actually fancy reading my very average blog, here’s my review about the BEST tapas I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat.

I sent a cheeky tweet out, asking if anyone knew of somewhere good we could grab lunch on our day trip to Nottingham this weekend.

I got a recommendation from @FoodNottingham to say Iberico was the place I wanted. Basically, I explained we like trying new things and needed to be near the Motorpoint Arena, and this is what the little gem came up with.

We went to see Cirque du Soliel – which if you haven’t already, is a must see. Magnificent, mesmerising, bloody brilliant.

It took us a while to find this place. Tucked next to the Galleries of Justice Museum and hidden incredibly well (we walked past it twice), we found this dainty, incredible little restaurant.

As soon as we walked in to Iberico, I felt as if I was abroad. A sense of the Mediterranean made me feel at home and at ease.

I don’t think the photos do it justice, it’s an amazing atmosphere with the most attentive staff. I felt instantly welcomed. And any questions I had about the food were easily answered.

We ordered five dishes between the two of us;

  • Beef Skewers
  • Sausage Roll
  • Grilled Chorizo
  • Catalan Bread
  • Patatas Bravas

At first we weren’t sure of this was enough, I always underestimate tapas. But trust me, for two big eaters this more than enough.

This may sounds ridiculous but the bread was the best thing we ordered, for me. So flavoursome with an abundance of tomato and garlic, on a crispy toasted bread. It was phenomenal.

The sausage roll could have definitely been bigger, especially for the price, but was incredibly tasty. And that strong, rich mayonnaise type dip was the perfect compliment to the dish.

Next came the skewers, chorizo and patatas bravas.

The beef melted, with a truffle sauce, it was absolutely amazing. I never wanted it to end.

The grilled chorizo was full of flavour, spicy yet delicate. The sliced new potatoes that came with it were soft and had a strong hint of meaty goodness from the sausage.

The patatas bravas was triple cooked, and I mean, who doesn’t love anything that’s triple cooked? Crisp, thick and smothered in a rich tomato purée, I could have ate the buggers all day.

I’m gonna hold my hands up. I’ve ate a lot of tapas, and this little devil, is easily the best tapas I’ve ever tasted.

Everything was full of flavour, made me truly feel like I was in beautiful España itself and I never wanted any of it to end.

I didn’t want to leave either, I never wanted to exit that door to be reminded that actually, I was in England and not a beautiful Mediterranean restaurant.

AND £40 for all of it. That’s the kind of prices you expect up north.

A hidden gem with friendly staff and the most amazing tapas you’ll ever encounter. If you’re heading that way, give it a blast! I guarantee you’ll love it.

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Love, LB x


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