Haripur Wala Durham: Street Food Style Indian

I’ve discovered a new favourite! I know, I say it a lot. But we’re blessed with some incredible restaurants in the North East, and Haripur Wala Durham is certainly one of them.

Sat above the Co-op in Framwellgate, it’s an unlikely location for such an amazing eatery. But don’t be put off – it’s honestly some of the tastiest Indian food you’ll find in Durham.

We have some little gems in and around the city when it comes to Indian cuisine, The Capital on Claypath and Amaani in Bowburn, to name just a couple. But Haripur Wala Durham is a completely different take on the food we love so much.

I find that Indian food here in the UK can be overly rich and really heavy. I come away carrying a food baby that could pass for overdue twins and the overwhelming urge to sleep for a week. It’s worth it of course, but we don’t eat it often because of how much pain I’m in following the meal.

It’s my own fault – I overindulge. But I have to go all out. The poppadoms, the starter, the curry, the naans, the rice… I need it all.

The food at Haripur Wala, however, is inspired by the traditional street food of India, offering a unique and innovative menu to diners. A heavy emphasis on grilled and tandoori dishes, along with some of the more unknown curries and plenty of veggie-friendly dishes. It’s really impressive.

The restaurant was dead for a Friday evening. I booked ahead as I thought it’d be busy but there was just one other table dining, and it remained that way during our entire meal.

I pass this place almost everyday as it’s close to where I work, which is how I found out about it. Prior to that, I’d just never heard of it. The amazing reviews on Facebook are endless, but I feel they’re missing a trick when it comes to their marketing and advertising.

Anyway, you don’t care about that – let’s get to the food.

We ordered some wine, our starters and the main courses. As standard with an Indian restaurant, they asked if we’d like some poppadoms while we wait. Obvs.


Yep, broken up pieces of poppadom, drizzled generously with all of your favourite Indian condiments; mango chutney, mint raita, onion salad, tamarind sauce and even a very unusual but welcome addition of sliced strawberries. Trust me on this one.

We’d ordered some Lamb Samosas to start. But I was a glass of wine down by this point and just completely forgot to take a photo. They we’re well-filled and had a lovely kick to them – would recommend. The mango chutney dip was also some of the nicest I’ve had.

For the main, we both opted for a curry. I chose the Lamb Chennai Express and much to my dismay, Laurren went for a Chicken Korma. We also shared a Saffron rice, a Garlic and Coriander Naan and a portion of chips .

My lamb dish was just delicious. A really light and flavourful curry with meat that just fell apart. The Naan was a good size, not too big but enough for us to use as a spoon for our food.

The chips were proper brown chips. I never order any at an Indian as they’re always these huge, chunky, slightly anaemic looking chips. But these were actual chips and so bloody good!

All of the sides were much smaller than you’d normally expect but to me, that’s a good thing – less waste and a smaller food coma. There was just enough of the three sides between two people.

Despite my disgust, Laurren urged me to try her Korma. It was beautiful. Personally, I find a Korma too sweet and sickly, but this didn’t taste like any coconut based curry I’d tried before. It was really well-balanced and had more flavour to it than an abundance of coconut.

After the meal we were just at the right level of full. Well and truly satisfied but not bursting at the seams.

I couldn’t fault the food or the service a Haripur Wala Durham. The place itself has a really nice atmosphere toor. My only gripe was that from the extensive drinks list they had on the table, only about 10% of options were actually available.

There was very little wine to chose from, which was a shame as I wouldn’t have ordered what we eventually went for – and probably won’t again. Despite that, we had a cracking night and I can’t wait to go back and try more of their alternative menu.

After, we jumped in an Uber and headed to the Garden House Inn for a couple more wines in one of the cosiest spots in Durham.

Have you been to Haripur Wala? Did you even know it existed? Drop a comment or head over to my Instagram to let me know…

Lots of love, LB x

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