A Dubai Brunch – Saffron at Atlantis, The Palm

I wish my words and pictures could do a Dubai Brunch justice. I’d been told so many times about them, and had a certain vision in my mind about what it would be like. But until you actually experience a Dubai Brunch, you really can’t imagine how amazing they are.

Why someone hasn’t brought the concept to the UK has me truly baffled.

Basically, a Dubai Brunch is four hours of non-stop, unlimited eating and drinking. And not just standard food and basic drinks either. Every kind of food and every kind of drink you could possibly imagine!

From lobster and crab claws to a hog roast and Yorkshire puddings. Dim Sum, sushi, fish and chips, oysters, eggs benedict and bacon butties, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Indian, British, Japanese and Greek…


There is a stall for every kind of drink too. Jack Daniels, Jacob’s Creek wine, Malibu, strawberry daiquiris, London Gin, piña colada, Heineken, Corona and whole watermelons full of what I can only assume is a good old shitmix and that’s just within the first 200m of the entrance.

You simply help yourself between 12.00pm and 4.00pm to absolutely anything. Sit there with 7 drinks if you please, have sushi smothered in gravy if it tickles your pickle…

Dubai Brunch happens every Friday across the city. Every pub, bar and hotel hold a brunch and for a set amount, you can do just as we did at Saffron within the Atlantis Hotel.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Atlantis, the incredibly luxury and magnificently huge hotel situated at the end of the Palm. I was thrilled to be heading here to get a peek at just how the other half live.

It didn’t disappoint upon entering and making our way to the Saffron restaurant. Gloriously grand and quite unlike anywhere I’ve been before. Knowing the reputation of said hotel and the first impression it gave me, I had this idea that brunch would be civilised, reserved and rather regal, enjoying fine food and even finer wine.

Nope. Come 2.00pm the conga line was making it’s way around the restaurant. It literally is just a big booze-up, everyone letting their hair down after a long week at work (Friday is Dubai’s Saturday) and making the most of what they paid for.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t rowdy or rough, it’s just an absolute hoot. Live singers belting out hit songs and professional dancers giving it their all on the table tops, it’s a must for anyone travelling to Dubai.

The food is incredible too, forget the all you can eat experiences you’ve had in the UK, the standard and quality is beyond expectations. But then again, the food in Dubai in general is faultless, or so I experienced.

Everyone told me prior to our trip that you can’t visit Dubai without doing a Dubai Brunch, and I absolutely agree having had one of the best days of my life at the Atlantis.

It’s every foodie’s dream.

Have you been to Dubai and enjoyed a brunch? Where did you dine? Apparently the Westin Hotel is incredible too!

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Lots of love, LB x



  1. 16th January 2018 / 6:23 pm

    oh my this looks amazing! i went to atlantis in bahamas for my honeymoon 12 years ago…pure luxury

    • properscrumptious
      6th February 2018 / 9:24 pm

      Just seen this comment, sorry! I can only imagine how incredible it was in the Bahamas! Honeymoon goals! X

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