Dinner in the Sky UAE – An Unforgettable Lunch

If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll be fully aware that in November I was lucky enough to jet off to Dubai. Escaping the increasingly cold, crisp North East days to enjoy an incredible week in the Middle Eastern sunshine and to celebrate Dan’s 30th birthday.

Whilst we had the most amazing time doing and seeing so much, the highlight of our holiday was absolutely our sky adventure.

Dan had no idea what I had planned for the actual day of his 30th, but on the morning, after he’d opened cards and unwrapped presents, I’d told him how we’d be spending lunch.

Dinner in the Sky UAE is an experience at Dubai Marina in which you’re hoisted by a crane, 160ft in the air. With the most spectacular, some say the best, view of Dubai surrounding you, you’re served three courses of some of the finest food available in the country.

DInner in the SKy Dubai

The menu on the particular day we dined was prepared by the renowned chef of the Westin Hotel, the five star beach resort in Dubai.

There is, of course, limits to what you can cook and create 160ft up in the air so the menu offered two options to start, four for main and two for dessert and must be ordered upon booking your seat.

This, however, is what made the meal even more impressive.

Table for Dubai Dinner in the Sky

Once we took our seat, were harnessed in and began rising into the Dubai skyline, I felt rather uneasy. It’s bloody high. But once you’ve reached the maximum height and are stable, you begin to really relax. The view is enough to distract anyone. And as you can imagine, once the scran was in front of me, I didn’t care where I was.

Your seat swivels and tilts so you can fully appreciate the scenery from every angle. And every 20 minutes or so the table is turned from below so that regardless of where you are seated, you’ll see you can marvel at the whole thing.

Dubai Skyline from Dinner in the Sky UAE

Let’s get to the food now shall we?

To start, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Royal with avocado puree, cream cheese, fennel and caviar. It was fresh and flavoursome with a real balance of complimenting, strong flavours. Weirdly, it suited the atmosphere perfectly.

I had to decide what Dan would’ve ordered as I booked it as a surprise. I got it right every time…

He had the Italian Burratta. A medley of tomatoes with basil and black olive powder. Again, the starter was crisp and the raw, natural flavours were perfect for this kind of dining experience.

The main course for me was the Roasted Sea Bass. Served with crab and potato, a citrus salad and asparagus it was an absolute delight.

The sea bass had a beautifully crisp skin and flaky meat. The crab was a very strong and dominant flavour within the dish, luckily I’m a huge seafood fan so this worked well for me, especially on a forkful of the refreshing citrus salad.

Daniel was served the Corn Fed Chicken Breast with potato emulsion, black truffle, sauteed mushrooms and veal bacon. The chicken was beautifully seasoned with thanks to the salty veal bacon. It teamed up perfectly with the truffle and potato creating an beautiful combination of flavours.

As dessert was served, the wonderful staff from Dinner in the Sky UAE, who I’d informed prior to our arrival that it was Dan’s special birthday, had added a little something special to his final course and made everyone around the table sing to him.

It’s worth noting at this point that throughout the entire flight, the kitchen team and safety team who were on board with us were exceptional. Constantly offering to take photos, explaining the food and getting to know us. They really added to the adventure.

The dessert for both of us was Tiramisu. Not something I would usually order but the other option was an Exotic Fruit Pot and I wasn’t taken on that either.

Surprisingly however, the Tiramisu was light, fluffy and a joy to eat. The coffee flavour was present but certainly not overpowering or sickly. I didn’t quite finish it as I was stuffed, but I definitely gave it my all. Dan, of course, scraped the bowl clean.

The whole Dinner in the Sky UAE experience lasted around an hour and a half and it was absolutely surreal. We both agreed it was one of the best things we’ve ever done. To relax, with an incredible view, fine food, each other and the sunshine, it really was a memorable and unforgettable lunch.

Newcastle recently did a Dinner in the Sky event, did you go? I’d love to hear your experience! Give me a tweet @ProperScrummy.

Lots of love, LB x


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