Chilton Country Pub Craft and Food Market

As always, my Sunday was filled with food.

Before I visited the launch of Soul on Sunday at Revolution Newcastle (and ate myself into a dangerous food coma), I popped along to the first Craft and Food Market at the Chilton Country Pub and Hotel.

Prior to being at this location, the food market was held at a Nature Reserve in Rainton Meadows. I’d promised myself for so long to visit as the traders, craft and food, both look amazing.

Cue a morning of sunshine and no Sunday plans, I’m off to the market!

The Country Pub is easy to find and are good grounds for such an event. Everything was compact and it was easy to navigate your way round all of the stalls. Of which, there was plenty! I was surprised at how many different traders attend this event.

I always have to restrain myself at this kind of thing. As a foodie, and self confessed greedy gannet, I could have easily bought something (or everything) from each stall.

After much debating, I came away with Greek Olives from Theon Nectar – these really are special. Their honey is fantastic too, but as I said, restraint. £5.00 for a large jar and direct from Sparta in Greece. The lovely, and very knowledgable, lady also told me the liquid from the jar is also a cracking dressing for salads once I’ve ate it’s contents. Which I’m absolutely sure, it won’t take long.

I also bought some Hot and Garlic cheese from Theo Cheeseman. Again, I could have bought them all, but if you’ve seen my fridge, you’ll know there’s very little room for any more cheese. I’ve already had a cheeky nibble and I can’t wait to incorporate this into my meals.


I then came across the Sauce Queen. Aptly named I’ll assure you. The welcoming ladies had tasters of each of the sauces that were available, including Porcini Mushroom, Stilton, Peppercorn and Tomato and Chilli. Naturally, I taste tested them all. Every single sauce was scrumptious. You could taste their homemade quality, rich and flavoursome. I settled for Tomato and Chilli (which I’ll whip up with a pasta dish) and the Stilton (perfect for steak) – both of which I believe were gluten free! I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have their Black Truffle or Lobster and Champagne sauce on offer, but I’ll be back.

I also taste tested the majority of Cathy’s Cakes glorious brownie selection. Now I don’t even have a sweet tooth but could have easily dived face first into Cathy’s creations. I settled upon a Salted Caramel Brownie to take home for Dan. Well, I had hoped he’d share but there was fat chance of that after he’d taken a bite. Moist, rich and absolutely divine.


There was also a stone baked pizza trader there. The Italian numbers smelt amazing, but I was unfortunately a little more intrigued with Harvey’s International Sausages. And their cheeky little sign certainly gave me a giggle…


I asked the lovely chap which sausage he recommended. The Toulouse. A chunky, sizeable sausage with fennel, cumin and garlic in a toasted bun. It was absolutely cracking. You could just taste the quality, and the garlic. It didn’t need an addition of sauce, it was juicy and I didn’t want to ruin the marvellous taste. Unfortunately, he’d sold out of packs otherwise I’d have stocked up for life.

As well as a smashing food selection, the craft stalls were unique and intriguing. So many vintage and upcycled items that I forced myself to resist. Hidden gems and plenty of bargains. I didn’t nab anything this time, but I’m sure I will when I return!

What I loved most about this craft and food market was the people. Every trader knew their products, of course, but they were passionate about them too. Offering knowledge, recommendations and recipe ideas – I came away rather excited.

If you love a good market, food or just a day out, give them a visit. It’s held on the first Sunday of every month.

Drop me a tweet if you’re heading to the next one, I’ll no doubt see you there.

LB x



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