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As part of a productive and fresh weekend, Dan and I woke up early and headed to Durham for a morning brunch date at Coho Durham.

It’s not often that Dan gets put of bed earlier than 10.00am, or that I’m not suffering a slightly fuzzy winehead on a Saturday, so it was lovely to spend the morning together.

Normally, my go-to brunch spot in the beautiful city of Durham would be Flat White but by the time we’d picked up our few bits and bobs, we knew the queue would be out the door. And honestly, a hungry Dan is a very twisty Dan…

So for everyone’s sake we steered away from Elvet Bridge on this occasion. Instead I’d remembered the new bar and eatery down the riverside and a Facebook post that promoted their brunch and breakfast options.

I went onto their page to check out the menu and saw quite a lot of poor or substandard reviews since it had opened at the beginning of the year. But after a little more snooping I’d found that it’s now under new ownership who were promising higher standards and better service. The new owners were urging those who’d had a poor experience to come back and allow them a second chance so I thought I’d give them the benefit of a doubt.

Coho Durham is located on the new Riverwalk development of the city and whilst it’s far from complete, it’s such an exciting area with lots of new establishments looking to call it home.

We called into Coho Durham around 10.30am and were two of four people in there. It was surprisingly quiet for a city full of students but we were very pleasantly welcomed and took a seat anyway.

It was a fresh little morning, only slightly too cold to sit in their outdoor area, which will be gorgeous during the summer. And when there’s less construction around.

Their brunch menu is small but had a good variety. Full English, the usual breakfast bun selection, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, American pancakes and even a breakfast pizza.

We both went for our favourite Eggs Benedict and a coffee. Cappuccino for me, Americano for Dan.

Service was quick but it had to be really, when our coffees arrived we were the only two people in Coho Durham.

Our Eggs Benedict was perfectly presented – the most instaworthy breakfast!

It tasted lovely too. The hollandaise sauce didn’t have that classic bitter taste that derives from the lemon juice but it was thick, creamy and buttery without being too heavy. There was just the right amount to compliment the light poached eggs and crispy English muffin.

The ham was salty and thickly cut, making the whole breakfast come together nicely with a good balance of flavours.

The service was okay. We were checked in on but there wasn’t much chit chat. Not that there needed to be, I just really appreciate a friendly, up-beat service team.

The manager (I assume because he was in a suit) and another young gentlemen, who didn’t actually serve us but was behind the bar when we left, were lovely, thanking us and saying goodbye.

Dan and I mentioned what a lovely spot it would be on an afternoon for some cocktails. The modern, industrial-style decor is bright and airy but you can tell it’s be cool and quirky in the dim lighting on an evening.

It is quite small, so I don’t think I’d be too keen on a Friday or Saturday night when it’s busy. I like my space and to hear people speak. Because I’m 24 going on 70. But if that’s your cup of tea, I’d definitely recommend going.

Coho Durham also do a small plate and tapas menu that I’d really like to go back and sample. Few cocktails and some nibbles outside in the afternoon sun sounds just lovely.

Perhaps we’d picked an unusually quiet day to go or maybe people are put off by the initial bad impression the previous ownership left. Regardless, I would definitely recommend anyone to give it a go during brunch hours.

And I’ll let you know what it’s like if we head back to try their main menu.

Lots of love, LB x


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