YO! Sushi – Grainger Street, Newcastle 

I love Sushi. It’s fresh, light and makes me feel like I’m a healthy, yoga-going hipster. So being asked to sample YO! Sushi’s new menu was an exciting concept. It definitely wasn’t what I expected.… View Post

Italian Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

The Chicken Parmigiana is an Italian/American dish, also known as the Chicken Parmesan in any place other than Teesside. (I’ll let you decide which version is better!) This Chicken Parmigiana recipe is incredibly simple and… View Post

Turtle Bay, Middlesbrough Launch

Guess which lucky devil got an invite to the exclusive preview of the new Turtle Bay in Middlesbrough? That’s right, me! How did you know? Most likely because I haven’t shut up about it. So,… View Post

WigaWagaa Chilli’s Coconut Cooking Sauce

The Bishop Auckland Food Festival, as always, was an absolute delight. Every April, the festival returns in all it’s glory bringing with it an abundance of world food, unusual and intriguing concoctions, as well as… View Post

Super Easy Prawn Linguine

If you can’t be chewed to go shopping, but have the following few ingredients, have I got a treat for you?! This really simple prawn linguine recipe is not only super speedy, but so bloody… View Post