Italian Chicken Parmigiana

The Chicken Parmigiana is an Italian/American dish, also known as the Chicken Parmesan in any place other than Teesside. (I’ll let you decide which version is better!) This recipe is incredibly simple and absolutely scrumptious. In fact, Dan said it was restaurant quality. To be fair, the poor bloke has to say that otherwise he […]

Turtle Bay, Middlesbrough

Guess which lucky devil got an invite to the exclusive preview of the new Turtle Bay in Middlesbrough? That’s right, me! How did you know? Most likely because I haven’t shut up about it. So, on Wednesday 19th, a selection of North East’s bloggers, PR people and lucky so and so’s were invited to try […]

Super Easy Prawn Linguine

If you can’t be chewed to go shopping, but have the following few ingredients, have I got a treat for you?!  This really simple prawn linguine recipe is not only super speedy, but so bloody tasty. It’s a good one if you’re on your own too and cooking seems like a chore. The recipe is […]

PopaBall, Fun with Gin!

PopaBall. As fun as it sounds. If you love gin. Or prosecco. Or vodka. Well really, to be fair, if you just love a good booze up, get yourself a pack of PopaBall. Perfect for a summer BBQ with fruity cocktails, a celebration that requires some bubbles or good girls’ night in. These little devils […]

Tapas Revolution, Eldon Square, Newcastle

The lovely people at What’s On North East sent little old me along to the latest┬áTapas Revolution in Eldon Square’s Greys Quarter. Gin, spice and, well, all things nice. Visit their website to see the full story. Here’s a cheeky little teaser… Enjoy! And thanks again to the wonderful team at What’s On North East. […]

Tiger Gin, a privilege.

So my cute little sample of Tiger Gin arrived on Saturday morning.  Not ideal in the sense that I had errands to run and an adult life to (attempt to) continue. Because quite frankly, since the attractive little number arrived, I thought about nothing else.  So, eventually it became a reasonably acceptable time to crack […]